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Virtual Play and Wellness Network

Welcome to mParks Virtual Play and Wellness Network

mParks is dedicated to supporting all Michigander’s during this unprecedented time. Across the Association, our colleagues are going above and beyond to help in any capacity they can, displaying the profound care and compassion we have for our community. Creating positivity and resilience parallels the theme of our 2020 Conference & Trade Show  - In This Together - where everyone has a role in creating a better tomorrow. 

As a profession, we’ll need to alter how we work in our community while we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Doing our part to promote social distancing and staying home are powerful messages to #flatenthecurve, but should not come at the expense of social isolation, or our physical and mental health.

Now more than ever, we need to take care of our emotional health and well-being. And while we can’t gather in person, we can share best practices and resources through a virtual community to promote positivity, build social support and reduce information anxiety. Together, we’re an ambitious, creative and robust profession that can champion a solace for communities to invent their own adventure. 

In collaboration with our members, we’re generating an emerging list of accessible, cost-effective and FUN ideas to keep us active and mentally fit. We’ll be continuously updating this platform for sharing and connecting with our peers. To suggest additions to this list, please contact us.





mParks Virtual Play and Wellness Network is a compilation of resources to engage families in wellness and nature. As public space closures are constantly changing, please use these resources as they relate to your location and your family’s needs, in keeping with local regulations and CDC recommendations.

Additionally, please follow local, state and federal recommendations to stay informed on current recommendations and guidelines set forth by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the CDC, and the WHO.

Share resources on COVID-19, Physical Activity, Mindfulness, Nutrition & Education Opportunities.