UPDATE: mParks received an update that the Attorney General’s written opinion will be released in a few weeks; however, his opinion will state that both Senate Bills 76 and 280 as passed by the Senate VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION.   That’s great news BUT the work is not done.  If the House Appropriations Committee acts tomorrow, it is very likely that NO Trust Fund Projects will be funded this year.  It is imperative that you contact your State Rep as soon as possible and let them know we oppose Senate Bills 76 and 280.

Substitutes for both Bills 76 and 280 were introduced and passed by the Senate. The Bills will be considered by the House Appropriations Committee Wednesday, June 7 at 9:00am.

 Your Representative(s) sit on the House Appropriations Committee, PLEASE contact them THIS MORNING!

 Talking points and mParks Platform on the bills can be found here. 

We need to work diligently to ensure the Legislature understands the importance of maintaining the functionality of the MNRTF. Share your concerns with your Representative and encourage them to not consider the Bills until a decision on the constitutionality of the Bills is given by the Attorney General.