Thank you to those of you who have contacted your Senators regarding Senate Bills 76 and 280. We appreciate your dedication, but our work has just begun!

Substitutes for both Bills 76 and 280 were introduced and passed by the Senate Appropriations committee on Wednesday, May 17. Unfortunately, the substitutions tie Bill 76 to Bill 280, which means 76 will only pass if 280 passes. The next step is for the Bills to be considered by the whole Senate on May 24, if the bills pass, they will then move to the House.

· The Substitute Bill 280 does not address all of mParks’ original concerns and includes revisions to the function and integrity of the MNRTF. Please continue to contact your Senator(s) and tell them you oppose Senate Bill 280. Details on Senate Bill 280 can be found here.

o Click here for talking points.

· The Substitute Bill 76 includes additional projects not recommended by the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Board. Please continue to contact your Senator(s) and tell them you oppose Senate Bill 76. Details on Senate Bill 76 can be found here.

· It is important to contact your State Representative(s); let them know your concerns and urge them to work with your Senator(s) to make the changes we need to both bills.

We need to work diligently to ensure the Legislature understands the importance of maintaining the functionality of the MNRTF. Here are the steps you can take now:

1. Contact your State Senator(s) - Find your Senator here

Share your concerns with your Senator and ask that they vote against the Bills.

2. Contact your State Representative(s) – Find your Representative here

Share your concerns with your Representative and encourage them to talk to their colleagues in the Senate echoing your concerns.