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The Land Makes Us

Midtown Detroit (map)

Presented in partnership with Heart of the Lakes.

The Land Makes Us will showcase how organizations and agencies are creating a lasting legacy of stewardship by fostering relevant and inclusive outdoor opportunities for all. We’ll highlight examples of innovation and programming that invite all people to benefit from access to conservation and open space lands. 

Learn about creative approaches for connecting youth to the outdoors, examples of innovative solutions to ensure open space is useable and accessible, use of technology to reach visitors, and other programs that present new ideas and tools to create a relevant, sustainable, and inclusive future for conservation. 

The Land Makes Us will highlight: 

  • Diversity of opportunity - to better serve the needs of Michigan’s people. 
  • Diversity of engagement - to partner with communities in decision-making and sustainability. 
  • Diversity of the profession - to infuse innovation and excellence in education, and outreach.