Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

Parks and recreation professionals look to mParks as the leading source of information about the industry, and you can display your message right alongside the important updates and information we provide.

mParks represents nearly 2,000 members, including parks and recreation agencies and professionals, directors, decision-makers, grounds staff, and industry suppliers. From aquatics and athletics to parks and programming - and everything in between. Advertise with us to reach your target audience and raise awareness about your organization and services.


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If you'd like a more comprehensive approach to reaching mParks members and parks and recreation partners, we would be happy to create a sponsorship package for you. In exchange for monetary support or in-kind services, sponsorship packages can include:

  • Advertising
  • Event recognition (verbal recognition, logo on digital & printed materials)
  • Membership with mParks
  • Complimentary tickets or booth space for events 

mParks hosts dozens of events throughout the year, both for industry professionals and for the general public. Show your organization’s support for parks and recreation by sponsoring youth events, training events for parks and recreation professionals, or professional recognition ceremonies. Learn more about sponsorship at

What is mParks?

The voice of Michigan's parks and recreation community.

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We inspire.

It's easy to forget. How good it feels outdoors. How good it feels to put aside your chores and obligations and play a little where skies are blue, trees are green, and water runs. How good it feels to make time for friends, family, that special someone. . . and yourself. It's easy to forget the most important lesson of your childhood. . . that nothing quite compares to the freedom and adventure and joy you'll find on the other side of the wall. We understand. We're the people of the Michigan Recreation and Park Association. Making better parks, better communities, better lives, and a better state for all. And we're here to invite you out where the air is fresh and the world feels new. Your state parks. Your county parks. Your community parks and recreation areas. It's a wonderful world out here. Be sure to join us. The Michigan Recreation and Park Association. Come out and play.