Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund

Funding Quality of Life Amenities Since 1976Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund logo - special 40th Anniversary edition

Over 35 years, the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) has served as a key funding source for Michigan's parks and recreation providers, allocating more than $1 billion to protect our state's natural resources and to develop outdoor recreation opportunities for residents. 

MNRTF projects help create vibrant communities and enhance resident quality of life. Trust fund grants have funded the development and expansion of parks and public greenspace, the creation of trail networks, the protection of our state's pristine beaches, forests and wetlands, and the improvement of park and facility accessibility to ensure equal access for all.

mParks supports the original intent of the Trust Fund - to protect natural land and develop public recreation opportunities for residents. Attempts to redirect MNRTF dollars outside of acquisition and development projects goes against the desire of Michigan residents, who have voted to protect the Trust Fund and its intended use of supporting natural resources, parks, and recreation.


  • 4/14/16: At its April 13, 2016 meeting, the MNRTF board received a report from a subcommittee of the MNRTF:   "An Assessment of Innovative Financing Approaches and the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund"The board discussed its content at the meeting and will be seeking comment from stakeholders before taking any formal action.   Should you have specific comments or suggestions, please send them to Ann Conklin at aconklin@mparks.org.   We will continue to be involved with ongoing discussions about the recommendations. 
  • 4/14/16: It was reported at the April MNRTF meeting that the Department received 28 acquisition and 144 development grants for an approximate request of $72.5 million.  As of today, it is anticipated that there is approximately $12.3 million available for funding.   The amount available is subject to change and the exact amount available won’t be finalized until the Fall.
  • 4/14/16: DNR Grants Management Staffing Update: Grants Section Manager Steve DeBrabander will be serving temporarily as the Acting Assistant Division Chief for the Forest Resources Division.  Jon Mayes will be acting section manager and Tamara Jorkasky and Christie Bayus will serve as acting unit manager on a rotating basis.  
  • 4/4/16: Full listing of approved projects (House Bill 5377) - On April 5, 2016, Governor Snyder signed HB 5377, approving $28 million in funding for the parks and recreation projects that the Trust Fund Board recommended. This bill allocates $19.9 million for acquisition and $8 million for development.
  • 12/2016: 2015 Trust Fund Recommendations & Descriptions