About mParks

The voice of Michigan's parks and recreation community

mParks is committed to proving parks and recreation matter; that they improve quality of life and contribute enormously to our economy. mParks provides advocacy, resources, and professional development opportunities to a devoted and diverse membership of park and recreation agencies, professionals, vendors, and advocates.

We Advocate 

mParks shares the value of parks and recreation by engaging with government, foundations, media and other entities. We share the story of parks and recreation to ensure adequate funding and public support, so we can continue providing value to Michigan residents and visitors.

We Teach 

mParks creates programs that educate and inform key audiences (within the parks and recreation community and for communities they serve) about conservation, health and wellness and other issues vital to parks and recreation in Michigan.

We Inspire

It's easy to forget how good it feels to play and to get outdoors. mParks helps remind people of the freedom and adventure and joy of parks and recreation through public outreach and events. We invite all ages to get active, have fun, and foster a connection with the outdoor world.

Our invitation: Come Out and Play

It's easy to forget. How good it feels outdoors. How good it feels to put aside your chores and obligations and play a little where skies are blue, trees are green, and water runs. How good it feels to make time for friends, family, that special someone. . . and yourself. It's easy to forget the most important lesson of your childhood. . . that nothing quite compares to the freedom and adventure and joy you'll find on the other side of the wall. We understand. We're the people of the Michigan Recreation and Park Association. Making better parks, better communities, better lives, and a better state for all. And we're here to invite you out where the air is fresh and the world feels new. Your state parks. Your county parks. Your community parks and recreation areas. It's a wonderful world out here. Be sure to join us. The Michigan Recreation and Park Association. Come out and play.