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Who We Are

Founded in 1935, the Michigan Recreation and Park Association (mParks) provides advocacy, resources and professional development opportunities to a devoted and diverse membership of park and recreation agencies, professionals, vendors and advocates.

mParks exists to provide our members with resources, to advocate for the profession and to prove parks, recreation and leisure services matter.

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Programs, Services, Travel & Initiatives

From travel opportunities and online ticket programs, to athletic tournaments and mobile apps for your department, mParks strives to provide programs and services that benefit park and recreation professionals, agencies and community residents. Check out the various opportunities to get involved today!

Education, Training & Resources

At mParks, we know that collaboration and education are paramount; that a knowledgeable park and recreation industry is an effective one. To do our part, we work to offer useful, insightful trainings and a wide selection of resources to help our members be successful.


mParks advocates for state and federal policies that support essential park and recreation services. The Association's Public Policy Committee monitors legislation related to parks, recreation, tourism and conservation issues, suggests positions to the Board of Directors and keeps the membership informed.

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Park Resources Focus Group


Park Resources Focus Group


Park Resources Focus Group


Established in 2002, the mParks Foundation provides financial support to people and programs that work to enrich the health and well-being of all Michigan citizens, through increased access to recreation and outdoor experiences. The foundation additionally supports the professional development and recognition of parks and recreation practitioners. 

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